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Using EVPM to migrate PSTs (EV904)

Created: 06 Aug 2013 • Updated: 06 Aug 2013 | 3 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I've got the EVPM syntax down. The PST migration works just fine, as long as I'm running the script from our primary EV archiving server. That server, however, is crazy busy so we've built several additional EV servers, just to kick off the EVPM scripts to migrate our PSTs. The primary EV server will still be the (only) indexing server because our PST content will be migrated into existing personal Vaults.

I've added these "EVPM / PST" EV servers to the Enterprise Vault site. The only EV-specific services I've installed on these "EVPM / PST" servers are the Task Controller and Storage services. I get a few events and errors when trying to migrate a PST, namely:

Event ID 7139: Informational, PST Migration Started.
Event ID 13326: Error, ODBC connection to database EWS<OurPrimaryEVServer> is missing or is not configured correctly.
Event ID 6479: Error, Error accessing Vault Store database. [Internal reference CStorageDBAccess::OpenDatabase()/AddConnection failed] Database DSN: [EWS<OurPrimaryEVServer>]
Event ID 6469: Error, An exception has occurred. [Internal reference CMigrator::StartWorking/ce]

I'll continue my researching, but any insight would be enormously appreciated!


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Don't do it!
Gertjan on the forums found a bizarre bug where it would end up placing DVS files on the local server and not on the server that holds the archive. So actually it failing on you like this is a blessing in disguise

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Actually i'll take that back, Gertjan posted a solution

Basically adding the Server at the bottom, it may actually solve this issue too

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Thank you, JW3. It's weird that my forum searching didn't find that particular entry.

I'd also hire you if you were available, because this suggestion made it all work! I am incredibly thankful.