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Using FSAUtility to Recall Placeholder

Created: 13 Nov 2012 • Updated: 04 Feb 2013 | 4 comments
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I have the file server archived by EV FSA 7.0, and would like to make use of the FSAUtility to do a mass recall of the placeholders on the file server. However, I realized the FSAUtility does not have the capability to recall placeholder with the -b option until EV version 9.x. All I can do with version 7.0 is to restore the archive using the -t option. Unfortunately, it will restore everything inside the archive, and if I do a restore to the original location, the restored archive item will even overwrite the newer files on the original location.

Anyway to do mass recall in EV FSA version 7.0? Can I use the FSAUtility version 9 to perform recall in an EV 7.0 environment? Any input are welcome.


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Unfortunately it absolutely will not work, if you want to go the FSAUtility route, you have to upgrade, there simply is no choice i'm afraid

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Set the BypassRecallLimitsForAdmins registry key.

Then recall everyhing by for example triggering a full virus scan with the scan offline files option.


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Thanks Michael!

Looks like Robocopy work pretty good as well, though I don't care what was copied to the target. Another question is, how the "BypassRecallLimitsForAdmins" works? Can I map from a remote server using an admin account and still able to bypass the limit? or I need to do it locally on the file server with the FSA Agent installed?

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This should work from remote too, as Long as the user you are connecting with is an Administrator on the fileserver with the FSA Agent.