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Using a group email to decrypt SAT scores

Created: 08 Jan 2013 • Updated: 15 Jan 2013 | 6 comments
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I'm installing PGP 10.2.1 on Winows PCs.  We would like to use a group email to receive and decrypt SAT Scores from the College Board.  How do I get the keys working for all 5 users.  I can't seem to sign/verify the key for all users. 

Can the group share one public/private key? 

Thanks so much for your help. 

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If all you're doing is receiving it wont matter what keys you have in your keyring as itll just be the public key from the person sending rather than the address its being sent too.  If you were SENDING from a group email, each person who will be sending would need the same key in their keyring if they are all sending from the same address

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If you can't get the College Board to encrypt to each of these user's public key, you do have the option of using one key for each of them.

One user can generate a new key on his/her machine. 

Although you don't have to do this step, you may want to.  Right click on the key in All Keys, select Properties, and use the Add Email Address option on the top left, to add the name and email address of each of the other users.  This would result in having a key that all email to each of those email addresses by the College Board would be encrypted to.

Right click on the completed key, select Export.  Before you select Save, select the option to the lower left of Include Private Key.  Then take the exported key to each of the other user's machines, and double click on it to import it.  After importing it, each user should right click on the key, select Properties, and set Trust to Implicit.

For decryption, each user will need to have the key's passphrase.  But each user can then change the passphrase to what ever they want. 

Of course you will need to send the key to the College Board for their use.  You will need to do another export of the key for this, and in this export make sure that you do NOT include the private key.

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Hi thanks so much for your responses.

Tom/Alex just to clarify (for my foggy brain) the College Board already has a public key I created for the for the group email address.  The group email should go to all 5 members of the email group.  We will use it to decrypt an attached file of SAT scores encrypted with the public key we provided to the College Board.  

Does this mean I need to create another public key after I've added the the email addresses of the members of the group with the Add Email Address procedure?  And then the rest of the procedures Tom outlined?

Thanks for your help and understanding.       

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If you already are happy with how the encryption and emailing is occuring, and your only concern is that each of the five group members be able to decrypt the email, then all you have to do is export the key (making sure to include the private key in the export) for the computer that currently has it; import it to the other machines, and set Trust to Implicit. 

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Thanks Tom now I just need PC access to members of the group to test things out.  I appreciate your help.

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You are welcome.  If all works well for you, please come back and use the Mark As Solution option on the most helpful response.  If you instead need further assistance, please let us know. 

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