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using Netbackup for P2V for DR purpose

Created: 23 Nov 2013 • Updated: 30 Nov 2013 | 3 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


i'm wondering if anyone is using this scenario and how it's setup...

as far i can se Backup Exec has B2V and P2V support built in but not the case with Netbackup.



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Hi Florin,

this is also included in NBU 7.6.
Unfortunately i haven't seen it in action, so i can't offer you my experience.



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The Backup 2 Virtual conversion support is added in NetBackup 7.6. It is similar to Backup Exec's B2V feature.

For this you need to enable Bare Metal Restore (BMR) on master and have BMR enabled backup of client.

In NB-7.6 release, support is added for Windows OS Clients conversion onto Vmware Hypervisors.

For more details, please refer the Chapter#12 "Creating virtual machine from client backup" in NetBackup Bare Metal Restore Administrator's Guide 7.6. And

refer its support matrix mentioned in Appendix A.



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If you have  a DR site with Netbackup, You can do it. In my case, I send my entire disk partition to my master server in the DR site and work perfect. Obiosly U need to have a VCenter (Or any virtual enviroment) configured on the DR site.

1. Move or Replicated the Master Server data to your DR site.

2. Attach and Configure the appliances on your DR site in the master server.

3. Restore all virtual machines backups to your VCenter in the DR site.

If you want to restore physical to a virtual machine, you need to skip some files on the restore process. I dont have the list of the files right now, but In windows 2008 you need to skip Boot folder on the root.

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