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Using PCA 12.5 Host & Remote with CMS 7.1

Created: 27 Jun 2012 | 2 comments

Good Day All,

Recently we purchased and implemented the entire Client Management Suite 7.1 which included pcAnywhere 12.5. Originally during our POC (proof-of-concept) in 2011, we were testing the pcAnywhere functionality using a pcAnywhere Access Server. Just as we were beginning the final implementation CMS, we were notified that PCA Access Server reached End-of-Life and would no longer be supported. So we were directed to use PCA 12.5 Host & Remote. So now with this change, I have some questions. If we use PCA 12.5 Host & Remote, would we still roll-out the plug-in via CMS? Agents that were already rolled out, could we make changes in CMS under PCA Settings to use the new configuration?

We're pretty new to CMS and PCA as we came from LANDesk so any recommendations or suggestions you have would be great.


Scott Herzog

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A pcAnywhere Remote can connect to a pcA Agent Plug-in or better to that version of pcA Host.
The Management Console also can connect to a pcAnywhere Host or pcA Host, using QuickConnect.
Using the pcAnywhere Solution will be still the best option to install and configure your pcAnywhere Host machines.

There is a difference between pcAnywhere and pcAnywhere Solution how the configuration for a host got in to place or updated. You can't manage them with both in point of view to the configuration.

What was the main purpose for the usage/request of the Access Server in your environment?
Knowing this it would be easier to suggest possible setups to compensate.

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The main purpose of using Access Server in our environment was to reach our end users who need support while off network. Our company employs several users who work remotely and typically have struggles with VPN, so using Access Server our support team can remote on to their machines (so long as they have an internet connection) and troubleshoot the issues. As I understand it, we'll be losing this functionality with the loss of the Access Server and we can live with that.

My goal now is to setup the new solution so that we can at least assist our users through VPN or while on the LAN. I'd like the end machines to only be listening or waiting for a connection without the ability for end users to use PCA for anything else and my support team to use the Management Console or PCA Remote on their machines.