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Using SDR in a DR without BE2012 Media Server

Created: 12 Dec 2012 • Updated: 18 Feb 2013 | 11 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

I have 3 servers. All in a Workgroup.

Server X and Y are in the HQ, Server Z is at a BO.

Server X has SQL.
Server Y has BE 2012.
Server Z is a DR server.

I want to backup Server X using BE 2012 with SDR enabled onto an external HDD.

Take external HDD to Server Z at BO to be recovered on Server Z using SDR.
External HDD will be connected locally to Server Z.

Do I need another BE 2012 server at the BO to restore the SQL to Server Z? Or just activate

Windows and server will run ok.

Is there any issue with it not been the original Server? I know it is similar to SSR 2011.

I am also thinking of using SSR 2011 as an alternate option, since this does Volume and Image

Backup unlike the SDR in BE 2012.

I know SSR will definitely work but customer wants to buy BE 2012.

I am yet to test the SDR restore. I need to answer this request urgently on licensing.

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Do I need another BE 2012 server at the BO to restore the SQL to Server Z?

Yes. You need a media server to do SDR restores, unless the server that you are recovering is the media server.

Note that for SDR restores, you cannot selectively select only the SQL databases to restore.  You need to restore the entire server X.  If you want to restore just the SQL databases, you need a media server and you do normal re-directed SQL restores.

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Hello Pkh,

Thank you for your response.

I know I will need a BE media server to do redirected restores. But if SSR is similar to SDR why would I need the media server?

I plan to restore the complete server not just the selected SQL databases. A complete image of server X.

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SDR is based on SSR technology, but it is not SSR.  It still needs a media server to do the actual restore.  As I said, the only time when you don't need a media server is when the server being recovered by SDR is a media server.  Otherwise, SDR will invoke the media server to do the restore.

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BE 2012 SDR should be able to restore to dissimilar hardware. You will need to create a SDR bootable disk to boot the machine Z from to be able to restore.

This can be performed locally as long as all the required data is available on that that USB - SDR enabled backup to restore from and Disaster recovery information file. Typically this is how the server is restored if the media server crashes and is the only Media Server in your setup.

For more information and step by step process look on page 720 and 721 of Admin guide.

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Have you read the user's question?

Do I need another BE 2012 server at the BO to restore the SQL to Server Z?

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Yes I have. The SDR process can be done without the Media Server coming in picture. I missed to add that, he would need the media server in step 2 when he needs to restore the SQL databases. (Unfortunatly not able to edit my earlier post)

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Hi Jaydeep,

I'm glad I could get Symantec to repsond to my query.

Like I replied to Pkh a while ago.

I am asking all of this on behalf of my customer. I already informed her of the need for a second BE 2012 license for the BO since there is no connectivity to the HQ.

I am restoring the complete server X and not the individual SQL databases. I already know that the media server would be required.

I hope when the server is rebooted and powered on, I will not have issues trying to access the SQL databases. The plan is when the server at HQ goes down I will bring this one up and install the remote agent to allow it to be backed up with the media server.

But if the SQL server at the BO is going to be redundant. Then there really is no need to incur extra cost for another License and hardware to install the media server.

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Note that in any server recovery, you need to recover the SQL application first and then restore the SQL data.  Recovering SQL is a two step process.

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Hi pkh,

Probaly because I have not backed up a full SQL with SSR so I can't say I know much about this case.

Are you saying if I backup the SQL with SDR I will have to do another process of recovery?

I thought I would just backup the SQL using the SDR option and restore it to the server just as I would do using SSR 2011.

Thank you for your response all the same. I guess I will have to use the SDR to restore a test server and see for myself.

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As I said before, SDR is based in part on SSR, but it is NOT SSR.  The recovery of a SQL Server database is always a 2 step process.

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hi pkh,

i have restored my AD using the SDR and it worked wonderfully.

thank you for your help. The customer is no longer willing to use BE 2012 if it will require another server at the other location. There is no one to manage it there.

Moreover there is a restriction and they have agreed to use of SSR.2011.