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Using SDR vs B-to-V in BE2012

Created: 31 Aug 2012 • Updated: 03 Sep 2012 | 5 comments
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Hi everybody.

I need to perform e DR plan for some physical servers.

Those servers have local disks and also connect to SAN Storage LUN through Fibre Channel.

I read that FC and iSCSI are not supported in a BE 2012 B-to-V JOB.

Well, what about:

1) Doing a SDR of my server;

2) Booting a new "empty" Virtual Machine with an  SDR DISK  (eventually customized if the generic ones don't fit);

3) Recovery the original server in a brend new VM.

Does it run ?

Thanks !


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Gayatri_Kokje's picture

Yes, SDR supports recovery of a physical machine onto a virtual machine.

where are the backup sets available in your case?

There are two options:

1) Remote recovery:

Here you connect to the media server from the SDR wizard (This will be presented when you boot using the SDR disk). Select the backup point in time to recover and proceed with restore.

Here the backup device is on the media server or attached to the media server.

2) Local recovery (Mostly used for recovery of the media server itself)

Here you boot the system with SDR disk and then provide the .dr file that was created for that server. (This file is located on the disk storage as well as the sdr\data folder in BE install path)

In this case the device has to be locally attached. If you have the .DR file for that server you can even map the volume having backup sets and provide that mapped drive when prompted.

Pierluigi Cantoni's picture

Thanks Gayatri.

I would need remote recovery.

So, as I understand, the fact that my protected servers have FC disk is not a problem !?

Dont' understand why it is a problem for B-to-V instead if (as I understood) is SDR based....


Gayatri_Kokje's picture

In case of remote recovery, if you can succesfully backup to the FC disk, then you can restore from the FC disk as in this case media server itself is respoinsible for the restore operation. :)

Pierluigi Cantoni's picture

Sorry Gayatri,

perheps there could be a misunderstanding.

I don't need to backup to FC Disk (it could be .. but its not my trouble) ...

my question is about to do an SDR backup of a generic physical server (not the backup media server) that could have some FC disk.  I mean the SDR "source" server that I need to protect from disaster.

I read on BE 2012 Software Compatibility List (SCL) in the "Convert - to -Virtual" section, 



For the Convert to Virtual feature, conversion of Fibre Channel disk devices, USB devices, Removable disks, and ISCI disks are not supported.


So ... my doubt is that this is the case not only for "Backup-to-virtual" but also in the SDR scenario I depicted above.

Some help ?



Gayatri_Kokje's picture

Hi Pigi,

You should be able to recover the server in the case above.

SDR supports hardware independent recovery. The recovery disk has some default drivers and it can detect most of the storage disks, when it is not able to do so, you will be prompted for a storage controller driver, you can add it and continue with the restore.

Convert-to-Virtual feature is not very identical to Simplified disaster recovery.

For details of remote recovery check this: