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Using the Set-BEStorageDevicePool command

Created: 12 Jun 2014 • Updated: 13 Jun 2014 | 6 comments
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Hello All,

I'm a fairly new network administrator and need some help with a little problem I ran into.

I have a storage pool with 3 drives of varying sizes in it. One of the drive (a 2TB) is now full and my backup jobs are left hanging instead of being sent to a disk with available space.

All of these jobs are pointed to the storage pool but for whatever reason the drives with enough space are not selected to be used.

After some research I've learned a bit about how the application selects a backup disk. It looks like you can change the priority to select disks with the most space instead of just selecting the first disk. The only way to change this setting is by using the Backup Exec Management CLI which I'm not too familiar with.

Additionally, I think command to make this change is Set-BEStorageDevicePool command. After attempting to use it I chickened out, not wanting to mess-up the server. 

Useful info;

Application: Backup Exec 2012 (service pack 4)

Name of my storage pool (in case it needs to be used in the command): Internal Pool

OS: Windows 2008 R2

All suggestions are welcomed!

Operating Systems:

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Colin Weaver's picture

You need Backup Exec 2014 to change the behaviour - that Powershell command is only available in 2014 as in the enhancement to choose how Backup Exec decides which drive to use.

EDIT: In BE 2012 it used first disk in the pool in order of how it was first added to backup exec until that disk goes offline as full.

lmosla's picture

In addition to Colin's post here is some information on Backup Exec 2014 including the download found here  

Symantec Backup Exec 2014

Introducing Backup Exec 2014 

Backup Exec 2014 Administrator’s Guide

Backup Exec 2014 Readme

mlakeram's picture

Ah. Does anyone have any idea as to why my Backup Jobs aren't automatically being sent to another disk when one is full?

Before I go ahead and manually point jobs to a disk with space are there any recommendations for a possible fix?

Appreciate any suggestions!

pkh's picture

This behavior is what Set-BEStorageDevicePool is designed to correct.

Other than pointing your jobs to specific disk storage, you can still use your device pool, but offline those disks that you do not want your jobs to write to. When the backup sets on these offline disks have expired, you can then make them online and you jobs would be able to write to them. This method is lot easier t than modifying your jobs each time a disk is full

lmosla's picture

for more on this topic refer to: and this discussion