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Using Sharepoint Scanner

Created: 23 Apr 2013 | 4 comments

My company has decided to use the Sharepoint 2003 Scanner instead of the WFE Plug-In. I've searched around and can't find any documentation on installing and running this. Does anyone know where I can find such a document?

Also, with this being the first project of scanning the Sharepoint...what are some do's and don't of getting started?

Everyone here is always so helpful and I appreciate that.


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confirm yours is supported, page 1180 on the admin guide is how to do scans...i have attached the admin guide also for 11.6

■ Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2003 on Windows Server 2003, 32-bit
SharePoint 2003 is supported only with the SharePoint scanner.
■ Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, on Windows Server 2003, 32-bit
■ Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, on Windows Server 2003, 32-bit or
64-bit, or Windows Server 2008 R1, 32-bit or 64-bit
■ Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010, on Windows Server 2008 R2, 64-bit
Symantec_DLP_11.6_Admin_Guide.pdf 12.33 MB
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Thanks Stumunro.

To clarify a little more. We are using the Sharepoint scanner and when I read through Chapter 63 of the Admin Guide, it talks mainly of the WFE. The file that we have to install is "SharePoint2003Scanner_windows_x32_11.5.exe" is there any sort of read me file for this installation?

Do we still need to install the WFE to the farm as well?

Will that install that we currently have contain everything that we need?

I know it's probably all in the admin guide but it is not reading very clearly in this section for me.


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So I think my main confusion is what is the difference between the SharePoint Scanner file we have to install and the ability to setup a SharePoint scan already under Discover Targets (p.1181 in the admin guide)