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Using the SRC paramter with ghost32.exe

Created: 13 Feb 2013 • Updated: 15 Feb 2013 | 3 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Trying to make ghost boot cd work with our Altiris 7.1 images files built with ghost. I want to have ghost open up directly to our folder on the Altiris server where our images are stored. If I do not specify a ghost image file within the SRC parameter I get an error. Does the SRC parameter require an image file for ghost in order to work properly????

This is what I used so far; this will pull the image '7HII02.gho" without user interaction:

X:\> ghost32.exe -clone,MODE=restore,SRC="Z:\TA\Win7\7HII02.gho",DST=1 -align=chs -sure

This image will download, works great and without any user interaction.

For example, if I chnage the SRC parameter above to: SRC="Z:\TA\Win7" I receive the error: "Cannot open image file Z:\TA\Win7 [Win32 error: (0x00000005) Access is denied.

I want two images available for downoad in the same folder: 7HII.gho and XPHII.gho. I have Hardware Independent Images for Windows XP and WIndows 7. I want them to be availabe in the same folder so the Helpdesk Tech can click on either image they need to use. I am not concerned about user interaction. They can click Yes or OK if requried. I am still new to the ghost executable and it's wide array of parameters.

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Yes, While restore operation the SRC parameter needs the exact filename with path. 

My suggestion is:

1. You can create two batch scripts one containing line

ghost32.exe -clone,MODE=restore,SRC="Z:\TA\Win7\7HII02.gho",DST=1 -align=chs -sure

and another  containing line

ghost32.exe -clone,MODE=restore,SRC="Z:\TA\Win7\XPHII02.gho",DST=1 -align=chs -sure

and name those scripts accordingly & run required script.


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Great idea, I tried it this morning with my generic boot cd i make through boot wizard. It works great, I make up two batch files:



I add them to the root of the boot cd. When the Helpdesk Tech boots up the cd, the disc ends it's process at the X:> then the tech types 7.bat or xp.bat and it opens ghost and dl's the image with no user intervention. Thank you very much

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Thanks tpzjamm.

If that suggestion has resolved your issue then please mark it as resolved.