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Using wildcard for Custom filtering

Created: 30 Jan 2013 • Updated: 18 Feb 2013 | 2 comments
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Is there anyway that I can use a wildcard for the email address in the Default Filter Rules.xml?  For example,


It didn't work when I tried it.  Is there any other way to include one statement instead of adding like ~20 email address per lines?

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You can't do that..  but you could create a DL, and then do this:


would match any message sent to any member of the distribution list, ALL SALES.

For this matching to work, ensure that expansion of distribution lists is enabled in the Administration Console (in the "Archiving General" settings on the "Advanced" tab of the Exchange journal policy). Also, the distribution list must not be included in the Agents registry setting, BlacklistedDLs.

You can specify distribution lists and groups using the <EA>, <DISPN> and <DOMAIN> message attributes. However, only messages with the specified string will match; no attempt is made to compare message recipients with individual members in the specified distribution list.

For example, the members of an Exchange Server distribution list called ALL SALES are:
In the ruleset file, the following message attribute filter is specified in a rule:


If a message has the display name ALL SALES in the recipient list, the message will satisfy the attribute filter above. If the message does not have the display name ALL SALES in the recipient list, it will not match the attribute filter, even if the recipient list does include the email address of a member of the distribution list. 

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Would it be easier to configure Outlook Rule for Journal mailbox to delete any alert notification instead of using Selective Journaling?