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Using Windows Update to Check Patch Solution?

Created: 01 Mar 2013 | 2 comments

It’s been communicated to me that if certain updates are not installed with Windows Update they will not clear from Windows Update, even when the update has successfully been installed using Patch Solution. Does anybody else use Windows Update to verify compliance? Has anybody else observed this type of behavior?

An example I’ve been working with is MSWU-603 - KB2647753

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Can't be true otherwise an image with the updates in it would report as vulnerable in WSUS and it doesn't, I've used WSUS to make sure I'm up to date in a new image with MS patches.

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Patch Support & Development Teams found software update MSWU-603-KB2647753-x64-v2 is deployed via Patch Management and returns 'IsInstalled=TRUE' without any issues; however, the Windows Update Tool shows the update is still vulnerable.

Research found the Windows Update Tool is installing version 4.000 (v4) of this update, yet Patch Management is installing version 2.000 (v2).

Further research found that v4 is not available via download to the public, for the update downloaded from Microsoft Update Center is v2.

Please review this update with Microsoft to inquire of a download location for v4 and provide it to the Patch Support Team for review to be added in a future release of the product.