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Using WOL

Created: 04 Mar 2011 | 5 comments


What needs to be done to setup WOL to work in differnet site and subnets.



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directed broadcast to be allowed across the routers. I'm not a network guy by trade, but you can allow this to a specific IP (the NS server). Ideally, the site servers with task services, if there is one is this subnet, should perform this role. There were issues prior to SP3, but they should be resolved.

Jim Harings
HP Enterprise Services
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With this setting enabled below in Targeted Agent Settings with the appropriate policy, on the advanced tab, the WOL packet will be bounced off another agent on the remote site, if there is one and woken up.  We have found this works without broadcast traffic or any other config needed.

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Cheers - will give this tickle option a try and report back..


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Tried the Tickle option. When I send a task to wake up PC - it doesn't seem to work. Funnily enough the PC shows up as ON  when you look at the PC unders Task Service (i.e. the PC icon is not greyed out). But the PC is not on. Mmm.

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I’m using a power management task directly from resource manager, don’t know if that makes a difference:

Also you should see some information in the Log Viewer  

Description: Power Manager info (quick technique failed, trying slower technique): unable to communicate to target computer when Performing a SendDirect operation (before trying WOL) with the following details :- Target IP:, Commands:3, Randomise Interval (mins):0

Description: Power Manager: Success performing a WOL operation with the following details :- Subnet:, Relay:, Commands:3, Target MAC:00-16-76-B1-2C-0D 

The relay mentioned in the log is the package server on the remote site, which also has the "Enable tickle on Altiris Agents" targeted agent setting option ticked as well as the clients.