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Uso de SAN Client

Created: 02 Jun 2014 • Updated: 02 Jun 2014 | 5 comments
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Es posible el uso de SAN Client en Backup Exec 2012 o 2014; Realizando los backups directamente desde los clientes hacia el Media Server?


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What SAN client are you referring to?  I have not heard of such a thing.

When you do a backup, the data will always flow from the client to the media server.

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My scenario is: Chassis HP C3000 and HP 3part, 5 blades with vmware esx. My media server is an external server that makes backup to disk.

My intention is to buy a TL (coming) with Fiber Connection and directly connect my server through a switch to perform backups using this medium, is this possible? Make backups directly?


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If you referring to the usage of SAN Transport mode during VM backups, then have a look @ this KB -

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As the OP mentioed ESX then SAN Transport is almost certainly the best option. However just to provide a list of scenarios that can be configuired for backup over SAN technology (all of which require the correct environment i.e. topology, hardware and/or software

  1. LAN Free in a VMware environment means SAN Transport and requires that the VMFS Datastores that are presented to the ESX hosts are also presented to the media server (over SAN technology), with any backup storage devices configured directly on the media server. This needs a virtual agent license. Note: There is no equivalent to SAN Transport for Hyper-V
  2. For supported NAS devices (see relevant compatibility list) the NDMP Option (license required) can provide "SAN backup” as it allows a tape library to be connected directly to the back of a suitable device over fiber channel. Care should be taken with this setup though as if the NDMP Supported NAS contains LUNs and not just direct user data then individual file restore (GRT or standard file by file) is not possible. Also do not use if VMware SAN Transport is available.
  3. The RMALS option can be used to do a SAN backup of Linux based data to a tape library that is directly attached to the Linux host over SAN technology
  4. For supported disk storage systems the Off-host option that is part of an ESO/ADBO configuration can provide LAN free, however the list of supported hardware is very limited (see the relevant compatibility list) Note: At this current time I don’t think Hyper-V and Off-Host setups are compatible
  5. The final option is to configure the server that owns the data as a media server and directly attach the backup storage devices to the same server. Whilst an ESO/CASO setup is not required for this configuration, if this results in multiple media servers then it is potentially recommended to consider a centralized management setup and if the library is being shared with multiple media servers then an ESO/CASO setup would be required. Note: This is possibly the only option which can be used with Hyper-V i.e. make the host server a media server.
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Thanks for your feedback.