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V-79-57344-33039 - Error - Mount failed.

Created: 05 Nov 2012 • Updated: 05 Nov 2012 | 4 comments
V-79-57344-33039 - Error - Mount failed.
User canceled a Physical Volume Library operation.
V-79-57344-33861 - Unable to acquire device for the specified pool and media
I have read a good number of  posts on this, though they date back to 2010.
We use the LaCie 5big Nework Storage NAS ( the "backup media".
The nas 'mounts' just fine via explorer.
I've tried rebooting both devices, stopping/starting BackupExec services, and unchecking Tools | Options | Catalog | Use storage media-based catalogs  [Unchecked].
Any insights are appreciated.
Thank you.

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1. Is this a Backup or a Restore job.

2. Could you try to run B2D test on this path

3. What is the version of Backup Exec that you are using? Are you recieving any errors/warnings in the Event Viewer like Event ID 58057 and 33808

4. On the B2D properties check if "Allocate the Maximum size for backup-to-disk files" has been set. If yes, uncheck this option.

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Are you using iSCSI or mapping a drive to Windows? If the latter, BE doesn't support backing up to a mapped drive...

If using iSCSI, have you removed the connection to the NAS and re-added it?

Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Thank you for the insights & questions.

This is a Restore job.

Product: Symantec Backup Exec 12 for Windows Servers (SBExecWS)
Media Server: Version 12.0 Rev 1364
Administration Console: Version 12.0 Rev. 1364
Desktop & Laptop Option: Version 3.1 Rev 3.38.61a

- There are no events in the Microsoft Even Viewer related to SBExecWS
- Our Install does not have the application B2DTest.exe
- We are not using iSCSI or a mapped drive.
It's accessed via UNC, such as \\\SomeSharedBackupFolderWithFullPrivs\
(The shared folder's name is much shorter than that example)

As noted, the backup media is a  LaCie 5big Nework Storage NAS, which is a linux-driven file share system.

Again, thank you for additional insights.

Is there a way in SBExecWS I can move the whole backup folder to another server and try it there?
Or even to a local USB drive?

That is, SBExecWS would need to be "reconfig'd" to recognize the diff "source" location.

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It is not to difficult to do this. Perform the following steps -

1. Create a new folder at a dfferent location - another server or local usb (example - newb2d)

2. Copy the contents to \\\SomeSharedBackupFolderWithFullPrivs\ to the new folder (newb2d)

3. Make sure that you have not coppied folder.cfg and changer.cfg files from the original location. Incase they have been coppied, delete them from newb2d

4. In BE create a Backup to disk folder pointing to the path of newb2d

5. Inventory and catalog the folder and you should be able to perfrom the restore.