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V-79-57344-41481 - Simplified System Protection Recovery Validation. Critical Resource \\<servername>\Utility Partition was not found in the selections list.

Created: 20 Mar 2013 | 2 comments

I'm getting this error in Backup Exec 2012 when trying to do a complete online restore of a Dell Windows 2003 server. The entire server is backed up with SDR. The backup sets show the 30MB utility partition is being backed up, but when I try and do the complete restore, the selection list for the complete restore only shows C: and System State, the utility partition is not listed. This causes the complete restore job to fail instantly with the above error, and there are no articles for that error code.

If I make a restore job and try and restore just the utility partition instead of a full restore, it shows the all backup sets for the utility partition just fine.

For some reason, when you are setting up the complete restore job, and get the "Which backup sets do you wish to restore?" screen, it's only listing the backup sets for the C: drive and System State and its not pulling in the backup sets for the Utility Partition.

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The utility partition may have to be restored first, but that is something the complete online restore job would handle doing itself. It's one job to restore the entire server. Still doesn't explain why the utility partition is not listed in the restore selection list. Right now it's impossible to do a complete restore because the job fails instantly. Seems kinda pointless to include a feature that doesnt work, don't you think? 

I think its a bug in the software.