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V-79-57344-6017 - database not found or access denied

Created: 09 Jan 2013 | 3 comments


i'm getting the error message when trying to restore from exchange 2010 based backup

any help please ?

thank you

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0xe0001781 Das Objekt wurde nicht gefunden, oder der Zugriff darauf war nicht möglich (Exchange-Wiederherstellung).Endgültige Fehlerkategorie: Sicherheitsfehler

can't google those error's what's going one ?

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First of all let me start by asking you for more info because you provided so little and the error can be caused bij so many different things.

Things like:

  • BE Service account not having the apropriate rights.
  • Exchange database not in a correct state.
  • Connectivity to the exchange server.
  • redirection if used, to a nonexisting server, datastore, ...
  • ......

What is the version of Backup Exec you are using?

What is the version of Exchange you are using?

How is your exchange setup? Single server, multiple servers?

What kind of restore are you trying to do:

  • Complete server restore?
  • A Complete Exchange database restore?
  • A GRT restore of singel mailboxes, mails, ....?
  • Are you doing a restore to the original location or is this a redirected restore?
  • Is the datastore/databse mounted or not? Overwritable or not?

Check out these HOWTOS:

for BE2012:

for BE2010:

In general these links can help you:

And of course the most valuable informational resource of all, the Backup Exec Administrator 's Guide for your version of Backup Exec.

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Please ensure the permissions are set appropriately. Most of the Issues we get for exchange restore failure is due to permission set incorrectly hence please refer below link. Even though the error is different but you can refer this to check if all rights are set correctly or not. Let me know how it goes