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v-79-57344-65097 When removing a NETAPP Volume from an NDMP Backup.

Created: 14 Jan 2014 | 1 comment


   I backing up some volumes from a NETAPP FAS2020 with NDMP Method on BackupExec 2012 SP3.

So i have deleted one of these volumes. Then my backup job returned an error "Invalid Parameter Specified".

the Job log gave me the link below for more information :

v-79-57344-65097 (But it's a KB for BackupExec 2010 => You Loose !!!) that's just for fun.

The real problem is that i realize that the selection list still refer to the volume, even after removing it.


Open EDIT BACKUPS (for NDMP Server), then click on "EDIT" on the selection list screen.

Then you must have 2 tabs "Browse" and "Selection Details".

So in the first tab i can see that my deleted volume isn't present, but in the second tab "Selection Details" the deleted volume is still present with option "Include - *.*  [subdir]".

I click on "Delete" - That's ok my volume isn't present anymore.

But close this window and then go to "Test/Edit Credentials" then you can see that the deleted volume is still present and an error is displayed on the credential status.

The SOLUTION N°1 is to delete all BACKUP Jobs and recreate IT. (Not acceptable for us).

So SYMANTEC's got a solution for that ? anyone have more information ?

BUG ?????

Thanks by advance.

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If you are not in a position to delete the job(s) and recreate them (which I suspect would be quickest fix) then you will need to log a support case for us to look into the issue in a formal way.