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In V-Ray Edition Licensing per occupied processor socket means

Created: 17 Sep 2013 | 7 comments

Hi Team ,

Actually we are running virtual environment on vcenter server with 4 virtual hosts and a total of 15 virtual machines on them with applications like active directory,Exchange,SQL.

How to find out the number of V-Ray licenses needed for our virtual environment.

For reference attached the screenshot of one of our virtual host,remaining 3 virtual hosts also have the same settings .

Details of one of the host as in the screenshot.

CPU Cores : 8 CPUs x2.66GHz

processor sockets :2

cores per socket:4

Could you help me out in finding the per occupied processor socket.

Thanks in advance.

Operating Systems:

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pkh's picture

In your example, you would need 2 V-Ray licences for that host machine because of the 2 sockets.  If one of the sockets is not used, then you need only 1 V-Ray licence.  See this blog

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Hello pkh,

Actually we have 4 virtual hosts ( i have mentioned in the post too) with the same settings .

the symantec sales guy has quoted us 8 V-Ray licenses ,

His Statement :

." Since each VRay license is per core per CPU, and your hosts are all 2 CPU’s with 4 cores, they fall under Tier 1 (2-6cores) licensing X 8 CPU’s which = 8 Tier 1 licenses"

Could you please help me understand this,i am confused and don't want to buy over licenses .

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Suren,

                  Yes you need 8 V-Ray licenses. Whatever sales guy has explained you is correct.


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Thanks Rahul.

Apart from the virtual environment ,

Our Physical environment has 5 servers.

1) 3 Active directory Servers

2) 1 SQL Server

3) 1 File Server running on Windows OS

4 Symantec Backup Exec 2012 Agent for Applications and Databases License will suffice our requirement or we need to go for 5 ?

or 4 Agent for application and Database license and 1 agent for windows server ?

Please suggest.


Rahul Kumar1's picture


              Yes you will need 4 Application and Database Licenses and 1 Window agent license.


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Unless you choose to not need GRT of Active Directory (you can still DR active directory with a System State and file system backup of the DC, which would switch to standard agent license instead of App & DB licenses for your DCs)


unless you decide to only do the Active Directory GRT backup on one DC and  not all of them. (which would then mean less App & DB liceses and more Windows Agent licenses as well.)

EDIT: Of course if you have a virtualized DC as well as your physical ones then the GRT backup of Active Directory might be covered by the V-Ray license and you could then also switch the physcial DCs to standard windows agent licenses as well.

As such the exact answer does depend on the design of your backup strategy and not just how many systems of certain types you have.

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Hello Colin,

Here's is our whole environment setup

Virtual :

4 virtual hosts (Vcenter Server) with 20 virtual machines.

Attached the settings of one of the virtual host(it's the same for other 3 hosts too).

Note :Please tell me how you decided on the licensing for V-ray edition.

Applications :

1)Exchange - 1

2)Active Directory - 3 

3)SQL Serve -1

4)File Server ( windows OS )

5)Others VM's are running on windows Server OS

Physical Environment :

Total 5 Servers

1) Active Directory -3

2)SQL Server -1

3)File Serve - (Windows OS)

Could you suggest a licensing solution for the above scenario.

Thanks in advance

virtual host.jpg