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v-Ray or NOT v-Ray for VMware?

Created: 19 Sep 2013 • Updated: 19 Sep 2013 | 2 comments

Hello everuone again.

I have doubts about v-Ray or not v-Ray edition for VMware infrastructure.

I want to be able to backup entire VMs (I don´t care to backup the ESXi hosts).

With a regular Backup Exec 2012 + VMware Agent I am able to do what I want. So I don´t see the point of v-Ray Edition!

Could anyone please calrify so I know what to recomend to my customers? What about licesing of these two products?

Thank you in advance ;-)

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V-Ray Edition of Backup Exec is a licencing bundle that gives you a lot more than a 1 Backup Exec Licence and 1 VMWare Licence at a less price than if you were to buy all these Agents and Options Seperately.

This is a nice blog on what is included in V-RAY. See this for more details of what is included in it.

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When you just backup the entire VM, you do not have GRT.  Suppose you have a VM which is an Exchange server and the user requests for a mail to be restored.  Without GRT, you would need to restore the entire VM somewhere, extract the mail and then give it to the user.  With GRT, you can just use BE to restore this mail.  To have GRT, you need to have an Agent for Applications and Databases licence for the Exchange server.

Suppose you have a VM host with VM's hosting Exchange, SQL databases, Sharepoint, Oracle databases.  You would need Agent for Applications and Databases licences for each of these instances.  The Agent for Applications and Databases licence cost can add up.  If you buy V-Ray licences, you can use as many Agent for Applications and Databases licences as you like on that VM host.  This might be a cheaper option.