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Valid e-mail being blocked by invalid recipient.

Created: 27 May 2013 | 3 comments
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I'm having problems with the identification of invalid recipient in the SMG, there is an alias to an account with a domain to another account with a different domain, integration tests SMG located the two accounts, and recognizes the existence of the alias that was created, but the e-mail sent still receiving invalid recipient classification and are rejected.

This only occurs with only one e-mail an another account with the same features can receive e-mail that is sent to it without problems.

Without the invalid recipient function for the domain account with the problem it receives emails normally.

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Have you already checked whether the user object in the directory source is correct and can be resolved properly?

In case can you flush the directory cache to rebuild it?


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Please try clearing the cache for the DDS.

Administration -> Directory Integration -> LDAP source -> Advanced -> Clear cache.

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Thank BenDC just got confirmation from the person who has direct access to the SMG and the problem was solved with the procedure you indicated.

Thank you for your attention,

Arthur Sant'Ana Fernandes