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Valid license on Mail Security for Exchange v.

Created: 30 Oct 2013


I have a client with a Windows Small Business Server R2, where he has Symantec Mail Security for Exchange v.

Here they have a problem with faulting applications: libspamhunter.dll + inetinfo.exe which makes the Exchange services crash, and I manually have to restart them.

I then try to contact Symantec Support with the issue, but they tell me that v. has reached its end-of-life on the 1st. of December 2012.

Symantec then tells me I have to buy a new license, and thereby get the newest software in order to get support!

The client still has 120 days left on his license to the product, which expires the 27th of February 2014, and therefore I cannot understand how it is possible that Symantec DEMANDS that I BUY a new license, when my existing is already valid. This seems like a rip-off, and if the software is too old, then it should be possible to upgrade for free on my existing license, and not demand me to buy a whole new version!!!!!! :-(

I am VERY unsatisfied with this situation, and I hope that we can find find a reasonable solution for this problem...

- Tommy Broe

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