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Validating VMWare credentials in a different domain

Created: 24 Sep 2010 | 2 comments

I'm trying to setup NetBackup 7.0 to do off host backups of VMWare virtual machines. I have a VMWare farm in my domain. Entered the credentials for an account that has VMWare authority through Virtual Center. Validated the credentials. Doing backups. Everything is working fine.

My question is I had initially entered the credentials as domain\username and when I checked the validate box it wouldn't validate. To get it to work I had to go back and take out the domain and just put in the username. Then it worked fine. The issue is I also have a VMWare farm in another domain. If I can't specify the domain when I enter the credentials to be used, how do I configure it to use an admin account that is in that other domain and has access to that copy of virtual center?

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1.  Verify that the master server can correctly resolve the IP address of the proxy server to the expected host name.
2.  Add the proxy server host name to the NetBackup master server Servers list using the host name resolved by (1) above.  To do this:

In the NetBackup Administration Console, go to:

NetBackup Management -> Host Properties -> Master Servers -> (double-click the master server to open)

In the master server properties, go to:

Properties -> Servers

In this list add the proxy server using either the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) or short name (as identified by 1 above).  If unsure, add both.

Save this change, then stop and restart services on the NetBackup master server to make the changes take effect.

Attempt another credential validation.

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By proxy server I assume you mean the VMWare Backup Host? In the case of my test environment that I'm working with we don't actually have any media servers (we will in production) The master server is the VMWare Backup Host in my test environment.

Also I am running 7.01. The article referenced talks specifically of version 6.5. Does it apply to 7.01 as well?