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VALKYRIE.DLL error with Outlook 2007

Created: 12 Oct 2007 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 12 comments
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Currently running Enterprise Vault 7.0 SP1 and deployed the Client extensions via SMS.  We have over 200 clients deloyed and a mini place and running ok.  The issue I'm having is with a few users are receiving the error VALKYRIE.DLL error starting Outlook 2007.  No user that's getting this error ever had the ESM for Exchange install, so it rules that out.  I have a case open with Symantec but they do not know what's up.
If anyone out there that has a history or knows the fix, please pass it alone.
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If you close outlook on the effected users and open a command prompt change to the C:\windows\system32 directory and run "Fixmapi.exe" you then reopen Outlook without the error
AOK now..
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As I understand it running fixmapi.exe sorts out when when you've had two different provides of mapi installed on the system.  So obviously one is Outlook but if the other isn't ESM then it must have been something else.
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I am also getting this error but have the ESM installed - trie this fix but it's still happening - anyone any idea's
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Having Outlook & ESM installed on the same machine is not supported.
Try uninstalling ESM.


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Actually, on the EV server, ESM had to be installed with Outlook, because of the CDO component.  With the release of 7 SP3, ESM is no longer required on your EV server.  Have a look at the release notes.
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This is of course correct, and I wasn't even aware that ESM is not needed anymore on the Server.
I was assuming he is talking about a client installation.

Thanks for the tip!


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Simply run c:\Program Files\Enterprise Vault\EVClient\ResetEVClient.exe (you must have installed EVClient 2007 SP4 or above) and the problem will dissapear.

Iván Cañizares

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*g* canrojiv, looks like you are mr resetevclient. use this as a last resort, once you do not know the issue.

ResetEVClient is only if you have the Full Client installed and it does not guarantee the problem will disappear like canrojiv suggests.

ResetEVClient Does the following:
unregisters valkyrie.dll
Deletes Temp IE files
Deletes exend.dat
Deletes formscache.dat
re egisters valkyrie.dll

So if you don’t want to lose your IE cache and temp files be warned this will zap all that for you

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Where you have ESM installed do the following

Uninstall ESM, and then re-install it.  Run FIXMapi and then reboot

This fixed the issue for our support desk users who had ESM and Outlook 2007 installed

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Zou should not need to unisnatll ESM.

Search for all mapisvc.inf and overwite the smaller one with the bigger one.  Run fixmapi, see if it works, if not try Davismisbehavis solution.


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but hell,  I do not know what the hell canrojiv is trying to prove by digging up posts older than 1 year.

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I was gathering points with it in the old STN Forums... ;) ;)