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variant on cannot remove PGP from 64 bit Win7

Created: 28 Jan 2011
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I used PC Mover to transfer files, applications and settings from a WinXP 32 bit machine to a ThinkPad X201 running 64 bit Win7.  In the mix was my installation of PGP ver  It doesn't run.  I can't install overtop it, either with a fresh download of ver 9.12 or any of the ver 10 variants.  I can't even uninstall it, as the uninstallation program always tells me that PGP can't be installed on 64 bit Windows.

I've read all the posts on uninstalling, but haven't found a solution.  Can anyone think of a fresh idea?  If not, i guess i will have to manually delete the program and manually clean the registry of all references.


The knowledge base article gave me file names and locations, though somewhat different than found on Win7.  With that information, I went hand-over-hand through the registry and deleted all traces of PGP.


My understanding is that PGP must always be installed in such a situation, instead of moving or copying.  This Knowledge Base Article may help with the removal.  You can install PGP on 64 bit Win7, but you must make sure to use the 64 bit installer from the PGP download package.  Maybe the 64 bit installer will take care of the removal problem (perhaps even the 10. x Trial, which could then be uninstalled if you don't want to upgrade to PGP 10.x).