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Vault 9 FSA windows 7 Offline folders

Created: 22 Aug 2012 • Updated: 16 Oct 2012 | 12 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


A question, doing a pilot at a company for File system archiving. the offline folders work. the users can bring their archived files in the offline folders. But it dont seems possible to open an archived file edit it and save it.

Is this by default, or can this be solved?


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When you set the folder as offline, were the files already archived? If so, when you set up the folder as offline, the archived files should have been recalled at that point. However, there is a limit built into FSA to avoid runaway recalls so that after 20 files are recalled, FSA will fail on the rest of the files.

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Well, The offline sync work greate with the FSA. Users can dubbleklick and get the archived file. My question was:

If the user edit an archived file when he is offline and try to save the file he get an error, the user must change the name of the file and then save the file.

Is this how it work? or is there a workaround to save the file with same name?

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Hve not tested that , If I try will let you know.

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hmm I thought I saw something on this very same topic the other day - I will see if I can find it, and update.

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This is in the EV 9.0.1 ReadMeFirst file..  (And all later versions as far as I can tell)

Synchronized offline Microsoft Office placeholders fail to open, or changes cannot be saved [Ref E1322335,E1438692]

If you synchronize folders for offline working on a Windows file server client that runs Windows 2003 or Windows XP, then offline Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel files fail to open from their placeholders. A message may state that an error occurred when opening the file, or that the file cannot be accessed.

Microsoft has provided a hotfix for this issue for Windows XP-based clients. See the Microsoft Knowledge Base article "When you use HSM software to manage files on a network, you cannot open a network-shared file that was created on a Windows XP-based computer when you work offline", at

A different problem occurs if you synchronize folders for offline working on a client that runs Windows Vista. If you open an offline Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel file from its placeholder, you cannot save changes to the file except by saving the file with a new name. This issue is under investigation with Microsoft.

So what *actually* happens when you try to ope say a text file, versus a Word doc, or Excel spreadsheet.

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The Client is Windows 7 and fileserver hosting user documents is Windows server 2008.

Well, We have no problem open the archived offline  documents (doc,xls,). however if a user edit a document and try to save it with the same namne the user get an error:

(Translated from Swedish)

" A Network or file permission error has occured. The Network connection may be down."

And the error is from the application (word).

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The Customer Just gaved me an update. They got no problem open/edit/save an archived txt dokument in the offline folder. So txt document work but not office dokuments.

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What happens in the offline folder with non-archived Office documents?

Also I do remember some issues with Office files and overwriting the file... but I thought it was with EV 8 or lower. Have you tried EV 10.0.1? Have you tried XP as well as Windows 7? Is it Office 32 bit and Windows 32 bit?

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No I have not. There is no point trying xp due to the fact that the customer don use xp. Same for EV 10. Strange that Symantec cant give me an anwser regarding this. I have contacted a symantec technichian regarding this, after a cupple of weeks I got this:

This is an MS issue. We have this logged as etrack 1438692 inernally. A suggested workaround from MS when we originally reported this was to assign the ‘everyone’ group full rights to the folders that are being synchronised. From looking at the etrack it does not look like we got a proper resolution from MS on this, so will see if we can get some updated comments from them.

I cannot belive that I´m the only one that tried FSA on offline user folders.

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In my opinion you are right, SYMC should be doing more to assist with this.  If the customer, and you feel strongly about the issue, then I'd suggest discussing it with one of the support managers and trying to get some traction.

When I worked for Symantec I would not have given a response along the lines of what you have received.  

So like I said, in my opinion try to get a discussion going with Support Management..  but it'll need assistance and input from yourself, and the customer too - don't just 'fire and forget it'.  If it's seen as a collaboration between you, the customer, Symantec and Microsoft .. then I'm sure it will progress more smoothly.