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Vault batches

Created: 30 Dec 2010 | 3 comments

Hi All

I have a question about the vault. Understand that the vault will group the images into batches based on the retention level. Currently our daily backup images have the same retention level, all images will be put into one batch so only one tape drive is used for duplicate, although we have more tape drives.

Is there a way to force vault to split images with the same retention level into different batches so can better utilize the tape resources?

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vaulting will group the images based on the time interval which we specifiy.

For instance, you can select the backup images between the yesterday till 7 days.

All the backup's within that period will qualify for duplication. This process is the first process in vaulting which is called Choosing backup images.

Secondly create vault policies based on your classification (normally we do based on the application). In this way each application will have different vault policies and all policies will filter for the backup images of the clients listed within it.

Specify different drives on each policies so that all vault policies can run at the same time. This process is called Duplicate backup images

Then the media will be ejected and reports will be sent to the listed mail ID's in the policy. These two process are called Ejecting media and Generating reports.

You can choose the backup images of a client or a policy using the following parameters in a vault  profile.


Backup Types

Media servers

Backup policies

Schedules and

Retention levels.

Refer the attached screenshot 

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You can also configure number of 'read' and 'write' drives in Duplication tab:

ScreenHunter_01 Dec. 30 11.02.gif

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Thanks for the reply.

The source storage unit is disk only, and I have set the write drive to be 2.

Deepak's way is like maunally split backup images, there will be many profiles and more than one vault policy are running at the same time. I just wonder is there a way to have one vault policy, and the vault process will auto group the images into batches based on size (load balancing).

Thanks and Regards,