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Vault Cache and VV size limits

Created: 24 Oct 2013 • Updated: 24 Oct 2013 | 3 comments
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If a user is configured for Vault Cache and VV and have a desktop policy with a maximum size of 2GB will this 2GB be pro-actively populated with the most recent 2GB worth of archived emails from their archive?

eg the user has 5GB of archived content in their archive and turns on vault cache...... most recebnt 2GB gets downloaded regardless of if they have tried to open the items from within outlook. I assume all the metadata content is downloaded so the user will see a full view of their emails in their virtual vault but if they attempt to open an item that wasn't in the initial 2GB of downloaded content then EV will either fail to open it if they user if offline or download it into their cache if online (and perhaps some existing content will be deleted if this takes them over their 2GB limit).

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Yes it will be the most recent 2 Gb, but, off that will come the size of the metadata cache file too. So it won't be 'quite' 2 Gb of Vault Cache data.

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Thanks Rob

but other than that my understanding of how it works is correct?

eg the metadata cache file will give the user full visibity of the entire archive content in their virtual vault and older content may not be there not part of the 'latest' 2GB of content, but will be downloaded (if user online) when the users attempts to open the email from within their virtual vault.