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Vault Cache folder size

Created: 13 Aug 2012 • Updated: 12 Sep 2012 | 4 comments
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This may be a something basic and might not be a problem as such, but I cannot find the info anywhere in this forum and I hope someone can anwer the question for me.

Some basic background info. We have around 1200 users, some with pretty large mail archives (e.g. 120GB). Most users are set for a maximum Vault Cache size of 1GB, a handful are configured to have 10GB maximum Vault Cache's and another few users have been configured to use Virtual Vault.

We have EV Server 8.0 SP4 and the client we use is 9.0.1193. Machines are a mixture of Win7 Professional (32 bit) and XP (I know, don't laugh!). The EV server isn't under any real strain and has plenty of free CPU, Memory and disk space.

My question is with regards to the actual size of those users with the 1GB or 10GB Vault Cache and I'll give an example of where I am getting a touch confused.

  • User has 4GB of cached mail
  • User has the Desktop Policy set to give them a Maximum 1GB Vault Cache
  • The EV folder on the user's PC (KVS\Enterprise Vault\1EF14.......) is only around 750MB in total
  • Folder consists of a 225MB .mdb file and around 525MB in seven .db files as well as a few of the standard .ini and .xml files
  • The user has been logging on/off the same PC for over 1 month so the archive hasn't been created recently

I assume the Maximum Cache size of 1GB includes the .mdc file but my question is this..... What about the remaining 250MB that hasn't been utilised?

If the user's archive is around 4GB and the Desktop policy is set for a 1GB maximum cache size the they should have around 750MB of .db files assuming the .mdc stays the same size?

I may be missing something here, but this is a similar case for many if not all of our users. I was wondering if there is a reasonable explanation for this.

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120GB?! Jesus!!
Well as far as I'm aware the MDC doesn't count towards the 1GB total, however what you might be seeing is that vault cache cannot build the requisite DB files on the server because they'd go over the size making it more than 1GB total

Hopefully if Ben Sees this thread on here he can answer definitively as its his baby :)

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JW alluded to the answer in his post - for a 4GB archive with a 1GB max client cache, the client will initially attempt to download the entire archive into the content cache. What's happening here is that during the initial content cache building/downloading phase the next 'chunk' of that user's content cache would push the size of the contant cache over 1GB, so the client does not request it from the server, hence you're seeing the cache floating around 200-250 MB below the maximum permissible size. 

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good stuff. Thanks posteres. OP.. if they answered your concerns can you please flag the appropriate posting as teh solution or ask any outstanding questions you may have. This helps to ensure that the volenteer resources to assist in helping posters is used where it is most needed.

Thanks a ton in advanced.