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Vault Cache: Limit for additional vaults?

Created: 30 Mar 2012 • Updated: 26 Apr 2012 | 4 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi all,

we have a problem with vault cache sync, if the user has access to more than 100 vaults.

For example, there is more than 100 ressource mailboxes /archives and one user has access to all these vaults. The vault cache sync failed in this issue. Here is a part of client trace with error:

HDR:SCHED: Error adding MDC to scheduler: : 0x8007000E
ConfigureMsgService returned: 0x8007000E
HDR:SYNC: Error (COM) synchronizing: 0x8007000E
HDR:SYNC: Failed

Does exist a limit for available vaults?



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I know you can configure a maximum size for the Vault Cache, if you have more than 100 mailboxes/archives I can imagine the Cache will be pretty big. How big is it currently ?

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Are you actually trying to sync all those?  What is Synchronize archive types set to in your Desktop policy?  You could just set it to the Default mailbox.

Synchronize archive types (Exchange Vault Cache setting)


Controls what is synchronized by Vault Cache.

Supported values

  • Default mailbox. Synchronize the primary mailbox only.

  • All mailbox archives. Synchronize the primary mailbox archive, and any delegate mailbox archives to which the user has access.

  • All mailbox and shared archives. Synchronize the primary mailbox archive, and any delegate or shared mailbox archives to which the user has access.

Legacy name


See Exchange desktop policy advanced settings

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To be fair, I think the limit you might be nudging up against is the sheer number of 'pst' files that need to be opened for 100+ Virtual Vaults.

With EV in the picture, try to add 100+ regular PSTs to Outlook, and expand each of them.  I imagine that would suffer similar failures.

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The issue is sollved with the change the option "Synchronize archive types" in the Desktop Policy to "Default Mailbox". The vault cache sync works now.

Thanks to all.

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