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Vault cache still syncing to old vault server after archive move

Created: 15 Nov 2013 | 5 comments
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Hello all

We are moving archives from an ev 8.0.5 server to an 9.0.4 server. Servers are in different ev sites.

After the move, we are finding that the vault cache on the clients are still syncing with the archive on the old 8.0.4 server.

Is there a way to have the clients automatically sync with the new archive server after their archives have been moved.

Kind regards.

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Are you seeing this issue with all the archives you moved or only a few? Did you use the EV move archive wizard? If so, have you checked the move archive report for those archives?

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There was a problem in older EV client relases that could cause this to happen - the problem happened when the Vault Cache advanced policy "Syncronize archive types" was set to "Default mailbox". As a test you could try upgrading a client machine to 9.0.4 (if not using already) or try using 10.0.4 on a client with the issue.

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Hello RJM,

Reset the Vaultcahce and then try to sync...