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Vault Duplication

Created: 01 Feb 2013 • Updated: 01 Feb 2013 | 7 comments
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NetBackup My policies backup to disk.I have vault duplication set up to use both of my drives to write to tape. When I monitor the job in activity monitor, I see that one duplication only one policy is written and the rest are being written by the other duplication. How can I configure duplication to use both drives equally. This would reduce the time it takes to backup to tape. Attached are screen shots.

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In the vault management profile how many drives you have selected for write. Please check your vault profile and make sure you select 2 drives to write to so it can use both the drives. If you still have that setup correctly and still having issues look the below TN:

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in your Vault profile, duplication tab, how many Write Drives being selected?

if you want to use 2 Drives to be use for write , it shoule be equal or more than 2 Drives.

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I have 2 drive selected in my vault profile. It does use 2 drives as per the attachment. It just writes on policy and the second drive writes all the other policies

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One more issue. The vault completed with an error 287. In the details tab it indicated the the mail slots might be full. I checked and yes they were full. I emptied the mail slots and put it back. What happens now? Do I wait for the robot to eject the remaining tape or do I manually ejct the tape by getting the tape ID from the pick_list for robot?

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you would need to rerun the Vault job is the best method, you can still do the manual ejection.

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It just writes on policy and the second drive writes all the other policies. so this is defined based on the vault duplication batches.

Vault will make the batches for all the images that needs to get duplicate, starts one job for each job.

you can find this batch info in the parent job of Vault.

please post the details staut of your Vault parent job.

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hi see the below tech note

When a Vault Duplication job is started, the following happens:
* NetBackup checks the backup images that meet the Vault Profile's > Choose Backups specified criteria to select the images to be duplicated
* A list of all backup images that do not already have a 'copy 2' and that meet the vault profile's 'Choose Backup' criteria is created
* NetBackup then separates the images in the master list into separate 'batch' files that are run as individual duplication jobs to a single tape/tape device

Note: The number of tapes/tape drives used depends on the number of batch files created; and the number of batch files created is determined by the number of DIFFERENT retention levels are found in the backup images to be duplicated; and, when a shared OST intelligent disk device is the 'Source' for the vault duplication jobs, separate 'batch' jobs are also created for each media server that write to it.


Use the formula (# of retention levels X # of media servers = # of batch jobs/tape drives used) to determine how many tape drives would be used per profile; then configure multiple vaults (each with its own single profile) to run concurrently which will force the use of all available vault duplication 'write drives' for optimal performance of vault duplication jobs.