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Vault report should be sent to a remote server

Created: 17 Oct 2012 | 3 comments

1) Is it possible to save the vault reports in a remote server ? What changes we need to make on the master server to achieve this?

2) Can we directly FTP the vault report to a tape management vendor web console?

3) I want the vault report to have only fields "Media ID" ,"Expiration". How to do this ?

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You never mentioned the OS on the master server?

Reports are sent via email.
You need to ensure that email can be sent at OS-level.
If Windows master, install and configure BLAT.
If Unix/Linux master, ensure that sendmail can be used to send email.

Vault option comes with a number of standard reports. I don't think they can be customized....

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You can e-mail, print or save the reports to a folder but they are not customisable and cannot be uploaded using vault.

The only way you would acheive that would be to write your own script that ran after the vault completed that ran a media report and then uploaded it - or if you saved one of the pre-made reports to a folder and then had the script upload that report for you.

The other exception is that it can create the specific Iron Mounitain FTP file but again this is saved to a folder for you to upload yourself

Hope this helps

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Your reply is convincible. Seems we need to do lot of scripting work.


Master OS is windows. We have already configured email and print reports and we are getting those reports successfully. But to avoid manual updation in vault management vendor web console (the tape list to be sent offsite) we wanted to follow any one of the methods that I mentioned in this forum.

Thanks for your help..