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Created: 16 Nov 2007 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 5 comments
Hi Everyone,
New user post coming!!!
I have just completed the installation of Enterprise Vault for Exchange Server.  We have a Vault size of 10Tb.
I was thinking about the process of going live with our 4000 mailboxes next month and I thought that as I plan to keep Vault partitions down to 2Gb in size, to ensure that they fit onto one tape, that there would be no need to have the disk partition containing the vault at 10Tb in size.  For DR purposes it would be beneficial if I split the partitions over a number of disks that were, say, 2Tb each. 
that way at least if I have to rebuild the system or a partition, it would not take so long.
What is the recommendation.  Now is the time to make this change before we go live!
Thanks in advance for your help on this one.
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It's absolutely recommended to keep your Partitions in a "manageable" size.
Even 2 TB sounds big to me.

How do you know that your Vault Size will be 10 TB?


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We estimate that with room for growth, our vault will need to be capable of storing all email and user PST's and also leave room for journalling.  After examining the growth, we have settled for 10Tb of disk to be available. 
I assume from your reply that the standard for the disk that holds the Vault Store partitions should be a manageable size.  If I stop EV now, before we are live, and rebuild the disk with it split into 1Tb or 2Tb disks and point restore the current vault store structure onto the V: which it is on at the moment, then EV won't know any different, other then the disk partition will be smaller.
If my assumption is correct, is there any problem when I open a new vault store and have to locate it on a different disk?
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If you Stop EV, Backup the Partition, Rebuild the Disk, restore Data, then this would work, yes.
Set the EV Services to "Disabled" during this time, so the services can not start by accident / server reboot.


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Keep in mind a few things.  When you open a new partition, you will break Single Instance Storage for items that normally would have used this.  So if you sent a email to 100 users and 20 of these users archive their item and then you open a new partition, only those 20 will Single Instance this time. If 30 more archive on the next partition, they will use a new saveset and SIS to that... and so on.   This may not be important to you, but just a FYI.
Also, for your re-sizing, you could just delete the current partition and just recreate it on any disk you want.  Nothing is on the current one, so it wouldnt matter.
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Forget about EV for a moment and be concerned with your storage.
The question is not how fast you can backup you data but how fast can you restore the data. You may want to run some test on your LUN size and verify that you can restore you data in a reasonable amount of time then consider Paul's point.
Jim S.