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Vault tape discrepancies

Created: 24 Jan 2013 | 5 comments

I am having the same issue as in this post: - and not using containers.

The issue is that any tape ejected after our vault job runs that day is not on the return list from NetBackup, but We get everything for that day returned from Iron Mountain.


On Dec 12th 2012 -

Tapes ejected at time of vault ( 11:00 am )



Tapes that were completed later that day up to Midnight of 12 /12 /2012 and ejected the next day:




NetBackup tells me that the rerun tapes for Dec 12 2012 will be the first two above. However – Iron Mountain reruns all 5 tapes – BECAUSE they all expired on THE DATE of 12 12 2012.

It's a time stamp issue – and I still don't have an answer – VERY frustrating.

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it looks like you configured  the Vault Profile to choose tapes for 0 days 0 hours . from the backup, in Choose backups tab.

I would suggest you to chage this choose backups between  some X days to last day or more of vault run

for example its like

choose backup between 30 days to 2 days

or choose backup between 60 days to 5 days..

then all the tapes that are ejected will have the same time stamp.(date)

hope this helps.

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You generally don't want to use 0 days 0 hours, because you want to exclude active jobs.

I vault "3 days to 1 hour" daily - but I also run a vault once a week searching for "3000 days to 3 days", to find recalled tapes from a while ago, and resending them to iron mountain...

NetBackup on Solaris 10
EMC Data Domain 990 & 7200 VTL via FC
acsls 8.3.0
SL500 & SL8500 LTO5

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here's how we are set:

Between   120 days     0 hours         1 day     0 hours

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Should I add 12 hours to catch the rest of the day?

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please use 120 days 0 hours    3 days 0 hours and see how it works

also you can try 120 days 0 hours 1 days 11 hours ( if your vault runs at every day 11 AM)