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Vault tapes capacity

Created: 11 Jun 2013 • Updated: 07 Sep 2013 | 5 comments
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Suddenly one site using more tapes for offsite vaulting.  Checking KB counts on "full" LTO4 media show just 500Gb on new tapes vs 800Gb or more with older tapes.  I was beginning to think we got a batch of bad tapes but find Full tapes from regular backups to new media are expected capacity where Vault tapes are not.  I know it's the hardware that signals when a tape is full so how come Vault tapes are filling up sooner?  Scratching my head on this one. 

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Was encryption or compression turned on via the policy ?

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Not permitted on Vault policy but I double-checked and none of the policies using encryption or compression.

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Are particular drives used for vault copies perhaps, different firmware level ??? Just an idea ...

Regards,  Martin
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Thanks, checked & all firmware at same level.  Same drives used for regular backups & vault copies.

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Oh my!  Just checked library logs and it seems to think the new Sony tapes are LTO3.  sad

Very odd that regular backups capacity is fine and only vault copies are affected.

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