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vault user able to search another users vault

Created: 14 Feb 2013 • Updated: 01 Mar 2013 | 6 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

vault user able to search another users vault .

if do search on vault  can search  other  users  vault also.

run  the permission browser but unable to identify the rights

EV version 10.0.1

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Do you have vault cache enabled for the users ? If yes did you sync the other vaults ?

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yes ..

not synchronised with additional vaults

plz see the snap also now it is showing Your mail box is not associated with a vault.

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I'm slightly confused.

Do you want people TO BE ABLE to search other archives or NOT TO BE ABLE?

Have you looked at the permissions on the archive tab?

Have you looked in Outlook at the Delegates information?

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do not want to search other  users archives or to sync with others vault

checked the permission on archive tab,

3 mail box is searchable to all other users..

we are getting this error 

"No Vaults available. Contact your Help Desk."

for few users..

tried with tech note but not working ...outlook version is 2010 and 2013..

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If you do not want other users to be able to synch or search other peoples archives then the first step is to change the policy setting:

Setting that to 'Default mailbox' will stop people synchronising other peoples archives.

Being able to SEARCH other people's archives...  you'll need to check in the Archive properties in the VAC of the archive being searched, and see who has permissions assigned to it.. and remove those that shouldn't.

For the three users who get 'no vaults available'.. I'd suggest creating a new forum post detailing what you've tried so far, and how the users are connecting.