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Vaulted items exported different from number listed

Created: 30 Apr 2013 | 15 comments

I exported a user's vault to PST using a date range, for example 8/1/2009 to 12/31/2011. The export process reported that there were 74519 items to export. When the export was completed, it reported 1 failed item and 65336 succeeded. Why such a big discrepency? Do these numbers represent virtual versus phsyical data, such with Single Instance Storage, or, did I lose about 9000 items due database corruption or some other problem?

I am running Enterprise Vault 9.0.3 for Exchange 64-bit on Windows 2008 server

Thank you

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I don't think it is corruption, but I wonder if it is counting attachments seperately.  If you search the archive for that date range from the advanced search page and uncheck search attachments what is the count you get?

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Is it the report which is showing the wrong number?  Or the very end of the export wizard?

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I searched that date range without attachments and EV returned 74519, same as the export wizard. When I searched with attachments it returned 74778.

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Is it possible that the user has stubs from other mailboxes that were emailed to him? I've seen users email an archive stub thinking it was the entire email. My only problem with this theory is that the difference I the numbers is so large.

Could EV be counting attached emails are two separate items?

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Any shortcuts that aren't his won't be an issue, the export wizard is looking at the archive.

I would recommend you open a call with support so they can root out the issue.  In EV 8 there was an issue where the date range was using the archived date and not the sent date but that was fixed in EV 9 but I wonder if there is something else at play.

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I find nothing on the web about export wizard number differences.

Just to add to the mystery. I searched the same archive with the same date range using Discovery Accelerator and got the same number of hits, 74519, but when I tried to export to PST the total number of items that will be exported is 62992, even less then the EV Export Wizard.

I unchecked the Microsoft Exchange box in the Items Selection section, Original Source option, and now I get a mesage that 74519 items will be exported.

Does this mean there are non-exchange items in the archive?

See attached screenshot.

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That is highly possible that the user has non-exchange items in his archive.  Have you run the export via DA?  I would do so, it should seperate out the non-exchange items and you can see what is going on.

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Yes I am running the export in DA now. All items are being exported to msg files. Not sure how non-exchange items got into the archive. We only archive exchange email items.

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the export completed and exported 74519 msg files, into sepratatye folders,1000 per folder. It also generated a report into 3 text files with information about each message. I attached a small sample. I imported the three text files into excel where each column was neatly separated, but nothing in this report tells if an item is "non-exchange", on the contrary, it looks like they are all emails. The bulk are from the user's Inbox and Sent Items.

My next step is to run the export with the Microsoft Exchange box checked and then using the subject line, remove all similiar entries from both reports, what's left should be the 9000 or so entries that the EV Export Wizard won't export to PST. I hope :)

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More info, as it turns out, its not the Original Source: Microsoft Exchange box that is changing the number of items that will be exported. Its wether I choose to export to PST or MSG. When I choose MSG, all items are exported, when I choose PST only 62000+ are exported. So there are about 9000 items in the archive that cannot be exported to PST?

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This is getting wierder by the minute, NOW, DA is telling me it will export all 74000+ items to PST. See attsched screenshot. i kicked it off. Now waiting to see what I get.

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The easiest explanation is you have duplicates

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I ran the export via DA, exported all 74000+ to 30 PSTs (I limited them to 1 GB in size). It all looks good so far.