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VBS Wrappers

Created: 29 Oct 2012

I've seen multiple references in the Connect forums to .vbs wrappers for software packages. This idea is attractive for having a method to present a notification message upon completion of a software install, an issue with which I am currently struggling. I downloaded a couple different wrapper templates from the forums, but I have questions on how to use them.

How does a vbs script get identified as the installation method for a software title? Does it need to be included in the package for that title in the software catalog?

How would I use a managed software deployment policy to call a vbs wrapper for a software title? Do I add a script task to the policy that calls the appropriate vbs script?

I am running NS 7.1 SP2. I have some self-taught experience with .bat scripts but I haven't used VB script or code for over 10 years. If there are resources available that would walk me through this process I'd love to review them, but I haven't found much along that line. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.