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VBScript to clear the Altiris Agent Cache

Created: 01 Nov 2012 | 1 comment


I was talking to Symantec support recently regarding this script to clear the Altiris Agent Cache. The guy I spoke to said this script is not completely silent, but he knew of someone that converted it to VBScript. Just wondering if any of you have a copy of this in VBScript?

REM Get the Altiris Agent install path
FOR /F "tokens=2*" %%A IN ('REG.EXE QUERY "HKLM\Software\Altiris\Altiris Agent" /V "installdir"') DO SET AgentDir=%%B
set tempbat=%temp%\AgentClean.bat"

REM Create temporary batch file to execute while the agent restarts
echo "%AgentDir%\aexagentutil" /stop > %tempbat%
echo rmdir "%AgentDir%\TaskManagement" /s /q >> %tempbat%
echo ping localhost -n 30 >> %tempbat%
echo "%AgentDir%\aexagentutil" /start >> %tempbat%
echo exit >> %tempbat%

REM Executes temporary batch file
start "" /MIN %tempbat%


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If you deliver this using a Managed Software Delivery policy you can use the Advanced option > Run tab and deselect "Allow user to interact with installing software" and it should run silently.

Or, if you have DS 6.x you can use Script Options to run the window as hidden. I did this recently on a 2,500 client estate and had no end user calls logged.

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