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vCenter Backup using Backup Exec 2012 - agent licensing question

Created: 12 Nov 2012 • Updated: 13 Nov 2012 | 7 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I have the following environment to backup:

2 esxi servers

1 vCenter  

1 Domain Controller 

1 Exchange 

1 Database 

1 Fileserver

Each of these servers are virtual machines including vcenter.

From what I understand, for backing up the above mentioned machines, through vCenter, I need:

4 App & DB agent licenses (for DC, Exchange, Database and vCenter through the Servers tab not through vcenter as vm)

2 VMware licenses (for both ESXi heads and file/folder and vmdk recovery of each VM)

1 Backup Exec 2012 license

Now, when I run the license assessment, I see the following:

Agent for App & DB licenses used 2 (????) - feature type AD and SQL for vcenter

Agent for VMware licenses used 1 (????) - feature type VMWare for virtual center

Agent for windows licenses used 1 (????) - server - vcenter

Backup exec 2012 licenses used 1

There are 3 problems here:

1. Only vCenter "eats" 3 licenses for SQL, AD and Windows server.

2. Neither Exchange, DC, SQL require licenses according to the license assessment. I have to mention that I have successfully backed-up these server through vcenter and I am able to see the AD entries, the Exchange mailboxes and the SQL databases.

3. Only 1 license for VMware required when I have 2 ESXi servers

I need some help on establishing the correct number o licenses required for the above backup tasks so we can assess our future purchase.



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AmolB's picture

You need following license.

1) Exchange: 1 Agent for App & DB license per Exchange server.

2) Database: 1 Agent for App & DB license per server (SQL or Oracle)

3) DC: 1 Agent for App and DB license per DC* ( only if you want to perform restore of AD objects other

wise Remote Agent for Windows can backup System State which includes AD database)

4) 1 AVVI license per ESX

5) Fileserver : No Remote agent license is required since with AVVI license you can install Remote 

agent on all VM's without Remote Agent license. (Flat files only)

6) 1 BE core product license.

Vlad Velciu's picture

Thank you for your answer, but I think you forgot the vCenter Server backup itself.

From what I see, the vCenter suite comes preinstalled with an SQL server express, and an ADAM instance. The license assesment indicates that I must have (in case of a server backup not through vmware api) a license for AD, for SQL (this I understand) and a license for windows server. 

What is your opinion on this?



VJware's picture

With an VMware (AVVI) license, you get unlimited agent licenses for windows & linux for agents installed in the VMs...If planning Application GRT for these VMs ( such as AD, Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint), then you would need the appropriate application licenses as well..

If you are planning to take a backup through the regular agent and not through the VMware (AVVI) agent, in other words backing them up as if they were a physical machine, you would need to get remote agent licenses...

Vlad Velciu's picture

Thank you for further clarifying, but this I understood.

The thing that needs an explanation is why a physical backup of a vCenter Server needs 2 APP agent licenses and 1 windows agent license (according to licenses assesment). Like I said earlier vCenter has an SQL and ADAM instance.

VJware's picture

vCenter has an SQL and ADAM instance.

This is the reason as to why the tool recommends two Application Agent licenses..

Vlad Velciu's picture

ok, true, but why does it ask for a windows agent license?

And a final question, if the license assessment tool is buggy, can it have a negative impact on the backup and restore jobs, even though, legally, you have the correct number of licenses, or is it just an information tool? 



VJware's picture

Windows license for a backup of the vCenter using the physical agent (backup of local drives, system state etc requires windows agent license)...And the BELAT is just an informative tool.