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VCenter folders remain in Backup Exec console after deletion

Created: 06 Dec 2012 • Updated: 10 Dec 2012 | 3 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


I encountered the following situation..

I have a vcenter environment (ESX 5.0.0) and we recently decided to start working with a folder structure. The main reason is to have a visible difference between the type of virtual machines.

However we've deleted some folders, as well as adding some new folders. The recently added folders are perfectly visible, but the deleted ones remain in the view. See file in attach. The green lines are for indicating the existence of the folders in vcenter. The orange ones are an indication of the error.

What I tried:

  • Refresh of the view --> not ok;
  • TEST/EDIT credentials --> fails --> not ok;
  • It was a longshot, but I checked the selections but from the Backup Exec console no selections are listed which are deleted in vcenter --> no solution.
  • Add VMware server --> error: "caught error ... with unique index IX_ConnectionName".
  • Service restart on media server --> not a solution.

It's not a solution to delete the jobs and afterwards the vcenter, and re-adding it again.

Any other ideas?


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Our Symantec Representative was able to get us a solution. No fancy buttons (yet!), but some toying in the SQL databases will solve this without deleting the vcenter host and created jobs.

Hereby the procedure:

  1. If required, install a SQL Server Management Studio. In my case, I had already installed on my management server so I used that one.
  2. Before continuing stop all Backup Exec services via de services manager or services.msc;
  3. Make a dump of the database by using BEUtility;
  4. Connect to the BEDB using the SQL Server Management Studio (by opening a connection to the server\BKUPEXEC);
  5. Expand Databases->BEDB->Tables;
  6. Open a new SQL Query Window;
  7. Execute the following query "select ServerId,InternalName from dbo.ResourceContainer";
  8. Note the ServerId for this server (TIP: if you have a duplicate name, because an agent is also installed. The InternalName starts with VMVCB).
  9. Execute the following query to verify if you see the same folders as in the GUI "Select * from dbo.Resource where ServerId='<>'".
  10. If everything is OK, continue with this procedure.
  11. Execute the following query to delete the listed data: "delete from dbo.Resource where ServerId='<>'".
  12. Start the Backup Exec services again.
  13. Open the Backup Exec UI Client;
  14. Select the Backup & Restore tab;
  15. Select the server and go to the properties->Credentials;
  16. Select Refresh to refresh the view;
  17. Afterwards click Select/Test Edit Credentials to gather the required configuration data.
  18. Repeat step 17 until all folders are visible again (in my case two times - first time login to vcenter - second time login to all subfolders again).
  19. Run a backup to verify the operation.

Basically, this is manually purging the Resources in BEDB associated with this server. The next time a 'Test All' is performed, all the resources will be newly discovered without the deleted entries.

Good luck!

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Heads-up! After performing the procedure above, i lost the trust between my Backup Server and client(s).

The only way I found to solve this was to perform a repair locally (manual software install with the repair function) on the server and kicking out and re-adding the server in the console.

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You could push out the remote agents again.  This would re-establish trust.