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Vcenter Server to be Physical or Virtual

Created: 10 Mar 2014 • Updated: 02 Jun 2014 | 2 comments
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Hello Members,

I need your suggestions and best practices to decide and suggest my customer for moving the existing Vcentre server to Physical.

Current Infrastructure:

Vcenter server- Windows 2008 Virtual machine

Vcentre Version- 5.0

Netbackup Version- NBU

Netbackup VMware Tranport Mode- NBD

Total VM's backing up- Approx 700

Probem facing: I observed backups are running very slow. Backup speed is not more than 5-6 MB/sec when running on full scale on LAN with one policy packing up close to 100 VM's with multiplexing Level Set to 8.

I woul like to know if i'll move the Vcenter server to phsycial will that help me to improve the performance. Or what Symantec Recommends in such cases when Vcentre server can be Physcial or Virtual depand upon the ESXi it is managing and VM's it hold.

If any other suggestion, please feel free to mention.



Operating Systems:

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hi ,

having the Physical server for the Vcenter may improve the speed of the backup provided the enough Network speed..

but if you are really concernd about the speed of the backups, i would suggest you to go with SAN backup for the VMware.

you can keep the Vcenter as VM, but backup host should be Phyiscal when you are going for SAN backups.

see the below one

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We don't have SAN setup, We have Netapp connected to our VM infrastructure and traffic is via LAN.

In that case I am bound to use NBD transport mode.

The only question arrises is that what Symantec recommends to backup more than 500 VM's, Vcentre should be Virtual or Physical?


In this cases, shall i configure backup at ESXi level? Will that make any differnce?