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VCS - Enterprise Vault Cluster Setup issue

Created: 01 Jun 2011 • Updated: 02 Jun 2011 | 4 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


Below is the brief description about the setup

2 Nodes (Windows 2003 Ent. Edition - 32 Bit OS with SP2).

4 volumes are created on 4 shared disks (Dynamic) between both nodes. (MSMQ, RegRep, Vaultstore & Index)

VRTS CLUSTER SERVER 5.1 WIN is already installed on both nodes. Also applied SP2.

Cluster configuration wizard run successfully.

While running EV Cluster Setup Wizard, when we assign MSMQ & RegRep folder, it is giving following error

Drive Letter "O" is not valid

Error: V-16-13-151

Also checked by assigning different drive letters, but same error again.

NOTE:- Storage Foundation is not installed

Please let me know the resolution for the same.


Abhijit Soman

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Hi Abhijit,

It sounds like the disk group might not be a Clustered Dynamic Disk group.  You can check this in VEA with the disk group imported and selecting the disk group in the left hand pane.  In the right hand pane, on the Disks tab the disk group should show as "Type: Dynamic (Cluster)". 

If it shows a "Type: Dymanic (Secondary)" then you will need to deport the disk group and import it again but select the import as Cluster option.  Then rerun the wizard again and you should be fine.



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As I said, there is no SF installed, this is only VCS installtion.

Please check and confirm. If this remedy worked for you Kindly mark it as a SOLUTION

Regards, Abhijit
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Hi Abhijit,

Understood.  I got confused by your entry "4 volumes are created on 4 shared disks (Dynamic) "

This lead me to believe that you were using Dynamic disks and since SFW Dynamic disks are the only dynamic disk supported in a MSCS or VCS cluster, I'm sure you now understand my confusion.

I have a few questions for you:

1. Is the O drive available on all servers?

2. Is the OS drive on the same scsi bus as the disk for the O drive?

3. Is the O drive formated NTFS?

4. Is the O drive on a single disk?



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It has got resolved now

The requirement for VCS is the shared disks has to be basic and not dynamic

Where as if it is SFHA, then shared disks can be dynamic

Below is the reference

page 37

Note: Use this agent to manage volumes on disk groups configured using Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows. Do not use this agent if you use other software to manage shared storage.

Please check and confirm. If this remedy worked for you Kindly mark it as a SOLUTION

Regards, Abhijit