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Hi ,

We are in the process of building a VCS GCO on RHEL 5.4 running on a virtual machine configured in vsphere 4.1 (vmware). In primary site, we have two nodes. But in DR site, we have only one node.

The targetted application is Oracle ERP (E-business suite 12.1). And we will be using VVR async for replication.

Is it possible to create a GCO cluster using 2 nodes in primary cluster and one node in DR cluster?

Also provide if there are any relevant technote to configure VCS GCO 5.1 Sp1 on linux using VVR async.

Joju C Antony 

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Yes, it is possible.

VCS Admin Guide. see Section 5 (p.493) onwards.

■ Chapter 15. Connecting clusters – Creating global clusters

■ Chapter 18. Setting up replicated data clusters.

All SF/HA Documentation:

SF/HA 5.1 SP1 for Linux docs:

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
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Thanks Maria.

Is it possible to use same physical interface from Servers ( but configured with two virtual interfaces in virtual machine) for LLT purpose?

Ex: The physical interface is only 1 which is connected to HB_VLAN on the network switch. From vmware side, they have configured two virtual interfaces from this physical interfaces and provided as eth1 and eth2 for configuring it as LLT interfaces in VCS. Is this a supported config. Any one has faced the same scenario?


Joju C Antony

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Are you specifically referring to the physical NIC + VLAN for LLT in this query.

Do you have another physical interface to use for public communications?

If so, don't bother configuring 2 llt privates links if they're both going over the same physical. You can use one LLT and configure a LLT LOWPRI to run over your public.


Riaan Badenhorst

ITs easy :)