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VCS integration with HP Continues Access for Array replication.

Created: 09 Sep 2012

Dear Gents,

I would like to get your expert advice to integrate VCS Cluster ( RHEL 5 ) with HP storage Continues Access for Array replication.

Actually we have two node cluster spanning across two sites, each site has dedicated LAN and DarkFiber connectivity.

following are completed but now the integration part is pending.

  • two node cluster running 
  • two llt network configured in addition a low priority network.
  • ip resource is online.
  • LVM has been created and integrated with VCS
  • integration with HP CA is pending.

i had installed the VCS agent for HP CA,  accroding to the doc i have to install hp sssu utility on all vcs nodes however this utility is just a excutable.i cannot install it. also in the document they say to excute commands like addCVUser and create a Input file etc which i did not find in OS nor after running the SSSU utility.

Kindly advice me for further steps to configure.