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VCS NOTICE V-16-1-52563 VCS Login:Enter Password:VCS WARNING V-16-1-11135 Cannot get password -- error 0x6

Created: 22 May 2014 • Updated: 20 Jun 2014 | 4 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.


I need help to remove this error.

VCS NOTICE V-16-1-52563 VCS Login:Enter Password:VCS WARNING V-16-1-11135 Cannot get password -- error 0x6

I have performed the steps from the solution on this page ( but still when I try to switch the service group the error occured.

.vcspwd content

# more .vcspwd
100 globalzone02 JlmHlgKrlFmiKglSlg
# hostname

Thank you.

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Which version of VCS  are you using?

You need to perform the commands on each node after switching the service group to a node.

If the VCS version you are using provides hazonesetup utility, then you can use this utility on each node.



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I've moved this to the Cluster Server forum.

Thanks for participating in the community!

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The instruction in the link do not give much details about creating the new account from the Cluster Manager Java Console - the details are:

  1. Create user with no privileges
  2. Add user as an administrator to service group that contains zone resource (modify "Administrators" attribute for service group so group has line:
    Administrators = { new_account_name }

You should have a line in .vcspwd for every node in the zone can fail to, so if your zone resource is in a failover group then you should have multiple lines (you only have 1) and it should only have one line if the zone resource is in a parallel service group.

Note you can test .vcspwd is working by logging out of zone, logging back in (as root), setting and exporting VCS_HOST to name of global_zone and then test you can run a VCS command like "hagrp -list" and it should NOT prompt for a password.

Can you provide attachment or copy and paste your


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Thanks a lot for the comment. I have solved the issue by ran again the following command.

hazonesetup -g sg_listenername_zone -r res_zonename_zone -z zonename -p password -a -l -s globalzonename

I have run this on both node and it created a new entry for .vcspwd file and everything is running fine now.

Thank you.