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Created: 23 May 2014 • Updated: 29 May 2014 | 1 comment
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I like to verify things.

If i have 2 nodes vcs with applications running on them,and i wish to patch or upgrade VCS,then it is enough to stop the vcs on both nodes and apply patches or upgrade.Right?Then restart VCS.

This is possible because the OS and VCS files on disks are different from application files on disks.Right?Normally OS and VCS files are on local disks and application is on SAN.Right?So if i patch or upgrade the VCS files,this will not overlap any of disk application files nor OS files on disk.

Then initial installed OS files on disk are different from VCS files on disk.Right?

The same if i like to add a new node to VCS,it is enough to stop vcs on nodes within cluster,then have in sync(edit) the llttab,llthosts,gabtab and on all the nodes,so i will next start vcs on all the nodes.right?

On Solaris if i wish to patch or upgrade VCS,i will use in this way-i create an liveupgrade BE,i will patch and upgrade it.

To conclude.The OS layer is below of VCS layer and this one is below of application layer.I take those things like different entities,and the OS files are not overlapped by VCS files on disk.

Any application runs at user mode.Right?

Thanks so much.

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    In vcs 6.0 or upper, you can do rolling update for vcs.


The rolling upgrade minimizes downtime for highly available clusters to the
amount of time that it takes to perform a service group failover.


  Detail refer  vcs  install guide in sort :

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