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VCS system states in the state of ADMIN_WAIT

Created: 28 Apr 2013 • Updated: 06 May 2013 | 2 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

If you name the cluster name cluster while running VCW, then system states of all VCS nodes are going to the state of ADMIN_WAIT. If you try to start VCS with the "hastart -onenode" command after run "hastop -all", then hastatus will display "STALE_ADMIN_WAIT".

Check the, you will see the cluster name is cluster.

include ""
cluster Cluster(
UserNames = { admin = gJHkHEfFGjISjGFqJJeRJoJSiRJj }
Administrators = { admin }
system symantecha1(
system symantecha2(

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This is because "cluster" is a reserved keyword that you cannot use - see the VCS admin guide:

About VCS keywords and reserved words
The following list includes the current keywords reserved for the VCS
configuration language. Note they are case-sensitive.
action false keylist remotecluster static
after firm local requires stop
ArgListValues global offline resource str
before group online set system
boolean Group MonitorOnly Signaled System
cluster hard Name soft temp
Cluster heartbeat NameRule start type
condition HostMonitor Path Start Type
ConfidenceLevel int Probed state VCShm
event IState remote State VCShmg
You would think the VCW wizard would prevent you using keywords, so perhaps engineering should enhance this wizard.

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Thanks Mike,

I think VCW wizard would prevent you using keywords, or give a warning message then we know why