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Verifying incremental message backups of PST files

Created: 30 Nov 2010 | 2 comments

I have setup the Desktop Laptop agent on one of my users computers that has a 13GB PST file running in Outlook 2010... I know, the 13GB PST file is my first issue :)... Anywho, I disabled the users desktop cache because of the amount of backup space the user needs so to remedy this we setup a 1TB external HDD to run the backups to.

Everything seems to be running fine however the DLO agent gives an error that the local users data folder has exceeded it's storage limit (of 10.00 GB) and also shows an error that the 13GB PST file could not be backed up to the external HDD.  The odd thing is that i'm seeing when I move an email in/out of the PST file DLO agent sees this and seems to process this accordingly.

When I look at the attributes of the backed up PST file it does show that it's been modified or date changed, etc... but DLO seems to be backing up.  I enabled verbose logging and moved over some emails to see but i'm not 100% sure still that it's working correctly.

How can I verify somewhere that the PST file is being incrementally backed up?

Thank you for your assistance...


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Argh... You know what I messed up.  My end user is running Outlook 2007, I am running Outlook 2010.  I apologize for the confusion--I am aware that the DLO option is not supported on 2010.

When moving email's in/out of the PST file on 2007 (not 2010) I can see the update on the DLO agent status screen... How can I verify the PST?

Thank you!